People who have never had an addiction don’t understand how hard it can be.
~Payne Stewart~

This blog is the experience, strength, and hope of a recovering addict struggling with the disease of addiction. For many years, I wandered through life trying to figure out who I was and where I was going. At a young age, I began to drink to escape reality. Things just weren’t working out as I had planned.

It wasn’t until December 2007, my whole life changed. I was literally on death’s door thinking suicide was the answer to all my problems. At the age of thirty-six(36), I had no ambition to live anymore. Facing eviction and homelessness with no job, no transportation, and no income; I was hopeless.

Today is a different story. Take a minute to put your feet in my shoes. This blog will offer readers of what an active addict and recovering addict experiences through life. The majority of this blog will host a variety of recovery material.

Other sections will be added as I continue to build this blog. In my spare time, I do web design, computer programming, and genealogy. Meanwhile, I will randomly post things going on in my life, as well as how I’m coping with them.

It is my hope that this blog serves several purposes. It offers a glimpse to the non-addict of what an addict and a recovering addict goes through in life. The hope that another addict reads this blog and starts their own journey in recovery. Lastly and most importantly, a blank canvas where I can explore my thoughts, feelings and my creative side.

Enjoy, comment and thanks for reading,