Struggling w/ cravings

Thus far, I have counted three cravings already this morning.  This is typical for anyone starting recovery.  It’s been my experience working with other addicts, as well as my own experience, typically day four and five can be the worst for cravings.  I know that “it will get better” as time passes.  Still, I’m struggling right now.

I delayed putting on my NRT or nicotine replacement therapy (AKA – the patch) this morning simply because I was lazy.  It was when the first urge hit me I suddenly reached over for the box and a pair of scissors.  But the urge was over by the time the patch was applied.

The trigger that is causing these cravings is my frustration with the site.  Typically when I become frustrated, upset and/or angry, I tend to smoke.  But in the few hours that I have been on this site, I’m starting to get the hang of things.  Thus, my anxiety(?) has decreased.

But just a few minutes ago, it was like my brain flipped a switch; it felt almost like an out-of-body experience.  I was suddenly in another place almost unable to control myself.  Literally,  I had to stop what I was doing, hold the desk and snap myself back into reality.  UGH.  My mind and body wanted to get up, put my shoes on, get in the store to get a pack of cigarettes.

Those are moments that I need to do something else.  I’ve been at this computer since 9 a.m.  I should have lifted some weights and be in the shower.  Guess I’ll have to skip weights today, hitting the shower now because the more I spend writing the less time I have before I have to leave for work.



2 thoughts on “Struggling w/ cravings

  1. There are two things that people who are quitting smoking and are on the patch or using gum need to be aware of that most medical professionals will not tell you.
    1)you need to be prepared for anxiety and panic attacks. Not everyone will get them but the majority of those who are in the stop smoking recovery do experience them. I believe this “out of body” experience you described was an anxiety attack.
    2)about six months into your new life as a non smoker, your metabolism changes and you will experience some weight gain.
    If I may make a suggestion, you can accept it or reject it however you like, I think a good thing would to be putting up some meditations maybe some other holistic things that can be done that will help out with not only the cravings,the anxiety/panic attacks and the weight gain that may result.


    1. For me, the anxiety / panic attack is a craving; cravings come in various forms which differ from one person to the next. Before I quit, the doctor prescribed Welbutrin because recent clinical research showed in conjuction with NRT the success rate dramatically improved. Weight gain, on the other hand, is typically common in a majority of new non-smokers. I’ve started to eat a more healthy diet and developed a small daily fitness plan. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Based on my experience with addiction, the addict may have to try various methods (i.e. holistic alternatives) before succeeding. Right now for me, my plan seems to be working but I’ll make adjustments if I deem them necessary.


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