People who have never had an addiction don’t understand how hard it can be.
~Payne Stewart~

The disease of addiction, We say is, “cunning, baffling and powerful”.  What does that really mean?  Only the addict through their own experiences finds such an answer.  This blog was developed with a hope to bring a better understanding of an addict’s life, both in active addiction and in recovery.

The world of addiction and recovery were covered in shrouds of secrecy as “confidential” or “anonymous” because of a stigma – We were undeserving of any hope at all.  The last couple of decades the perception of addicts changed.  We began to throw away the veils of shame and guilt of our lives by telling our stories publically.  We hope to eliminate this stigma that causes preventable deaths instead of opening doors for recovery.

I am one such recovering addict.  In December 2007, I made a decision to find my path to recovery after years of destroying not only my own life but the lives of those around me.  Recovery is not an easy path to travel down.  We must make a strong commitment to Ourselves to place sobriety first in our priorities in life.  There is no cure for this disease.  We must be vigilant in Our lives to ensure that we don’t waiver from our commitment.  We have learned through the experience of Others and Ourselves any moment in time our addiction can rear its ugly head leading us back to active addiction.  It has one goal – our death.  Not for me.  I was given a plan to live life if I follow some simple rules.

There is hope.  I am one of many who have years of sobriety that makes a daily promise to bring my experiences, strength and hope not only to the struggling addict but others willing to listen. Three things are asked of visitors/readers:  honesty, willingness and open-mindedness.  You may not agree with everything published on this site (honesty), however try (willingness) to put aside the differences for now and keep reading.  Only without conceived prejudices (open-mindedness) will you begin to understand the struggles and the triumphs of my life.  Just as with someone with cancer, I struggle with this disease daily and it is only through the experiences, strength and hopes of others that I continue to write this blog today.

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