My Landlord is …

Oh Gods, here we go again . . .

I’m sorry but my landlord is a moron PERIOD.

This afternoon I noticed that my toilet would not fill up with water. I ran downstairs to talk to the landlord’s son, who lives on property. Apparently his father is working on his son’s bathroom plumbing. He turned all the water off but forgot to notify his tenants (typical for him). It seemed to be a minor inconvenience, I thought.

Despite the lack of water, I’ve been using my own toilet, just not flushing.  I’m getting a little worried as the day goes on, the sun sets and its now 7 p.m.  Still no water.  Visited the landlord’s son again.  We had a nice chat about his father – lol.

The guy is as stubborn as a stubborn mule gets at times.  He doesn’t want to spend money on repair people thinking that he is knowledgeable enough to fix it himself.  For instance, when I moved in I had a problem with the bathroom sink not draining properly.

The landlord came over, spent a good hour or more putting a wire hanger down the pipe, then a plumbers snake.  Finally he puts some Drano in the sink and left.  Days went by, then a week, so I called his son.  The landlord comes back yelling at me, “Why didn’t you call me that it didn’t drain?” The Drano ate through the porcelain of his new sink. (Sorry, not my responsibility. I assumed you knew what you were doing, buddy.)

He calls a plumber who takes the washer from the pipe under the sink, removes the pipe and says, “Oh easy fix.  These pipes are old, so they tend to get clogged.  I just need to get a plastic one to replace it.  Bing, bang, done within fifteen minutes .

With that in mind, you can just imagine what his son is now going through.  It looks like a whole bathroom remodel down there. But God help him if he mentions getting a plumber to his father – all Hell will break lose.

So we won’t have cold water. Again, I mentioned the toilet to the son who said most likely the toilet runs on cold water.  He called his father because he wasn’t sure.  His father responded, “Oh I didn’t know that . . . It’ll get fixed tomorrow.  Just fill up the toilet with hot water.  You’ll be fine.”

** shake my head **


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