DR – Feb 17, 2017

Daily Recovery Readings
February 17, 2017

Daily Reflection


Some of us won’t believe in God, others can’t, and still others who do believe that God exists have no faith whatever He will perform this miracle.

It was the changes I saw in the new people who came into the Fellowship that helped me lose my fear, and change my negative attitude to a positive one. I could see the love in their eyes and I was impressed by how much their “One Day at a Time” sobriety meant to them. They had looked squarely at Step Two and came to believe that a power greater than themselves was restoring them to sanity. That gave me faith in the Fellowship, and hope that it could work for me too. I found that God was a loving God, not that punishing God I feared before coming to A.A. I also found that He had been with me during all those times I had been in trouble before I came to A.A. I know today that He was the one who led me to A.A. and that I am a miracle.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

“My friend suggested what then seemed a novel idea. He said, ‘Why don’t you choose your own conception of God?’

That statement hit me hard. It melted the icy intellectual mountain
in whose shadow I had lived and shivered many years. I stood in the
sunlight at last.

It was only a matter of being willing to believe in a Power greater
than myself. Nothing more was required of me to make my beginning.
I saw that growth could start from that point.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Bill’s Story, pg. 12~

Keep It Simple

. . . no one who learns to know himself remains just what he was before—Thomas Mann

Deep inside, we all know that we’re changing. It started when we took Step One. We learned and accepted something new about ourselves. That changed us, just a little. We no longer wanted to live as addicts. That meant we had to change and to learn to live sober. It’s been nonstop ever since: learn about ourselves, change a little, learn about ourselves, change a little more, and so on. All we know is that each step of learning and changing makes life better. How long can it keep getting better? As long as we keep learning to know ourselves.

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power, teach me about myself today. Teach me gently.

Action for the Day:
Today, I’ll think about what I’ve learned about myself by working the program. I’ll list five things.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

You really want to be heard today, but it’s difficult to convey your feelings in a casual conversation. The moody Scorpio Moon urges you to express your angst, while rational Mercury prefers you keep it all locked up. This planetary conflict could create an inner battle that adds to the stress of the moment. Instead of pulling your hair out, try channeling your emotions through a different medium like art or music. There are many ways to share your personal experience. Carrie Fisher said, “Take your broken heart and make it into art.”

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