Back to Normality

My mini-vacation was a breath of fresh air. My Sponsor and I went to visit his brother in Orange County, New York.  They have a large recovery community which I look forward to every time we plan such a trip. It’s nice to hear new ways people are handling their own recovery.

On our ride to Orange County, there is nothing by small towns in the valleys of large mountains.  As we twist between the giants, all I can think of are questions never to be answered. Who once lived here? How long ago?  What did they do? What did it look like back then?  Oh how I would love to live in a house in the middle of no where with nothing by a river flowing below me and the thick forest around me. Perhaps one day my dream will become a reality? We always stop in Roscoe, New York, half way between home and our destination. “Trout Town USA” it’s labeled.  According to the 2010 census, 510 inhabitants that live around the Willowemoc River that flows right beside State Route 17. It puts me at peace that such beauty still exists in this world. Once we hit Monticello, New York, we thrust back into reality as the merging traffic from the north and south impede on our travels.  Eventually we get to our destination.

Recovery meetings are typically in the morning, afternoon and night.  We just missed the afternoon meeting, so we typically take a nap but a quick storm pushed through with high sidway winds, buckets of rain, tornado warnings west of us and a really nice lighting show. The rain hadn’t let up as we walked across the street to our meeting.

As mentioned before, the meeting formats and styles are different.  This evening was an anniversary meeting – one lady with 20 years of sobriety, the other gentleman with 26 years of sobriety. There was a speaker afterward with just four years of sobriety. I left the meeting inspired. Sunday, the cold temperatures returned.  We attended a meeting in another town close by, one I had never attended yet.  Here we introduced ourselves, our sobriety date, as well as “how you are doing today”.  The topic was gratitude.

When the chance to speak got to me, I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, so I just opened my mouth and let things happen from the heart.  I explained “I don’t do this enough and I should. I thank my Sponsor today for saving my life not once but twice.” First, nine years ago when he offered to take me through the Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and continues to be with me today.  Second, a recent incident (as already explained here) where I had a very strong fear of drinking, something I had not felt so strong in my nine years of sobriety. My Sponsor thanked me later for my kind words.

Then it was over and we were heading home. I was looking forward to watching the NASCAR race.  In Roscoe, New York, we stopped at the local diner for coffee and a donut where they had the festivities of the NASCAR race on TV. Another hour and we where home.

I haven’t been following all the new rules with NASCAR this year.  Apparently they have split the races in three “stages” giving points to drivers on their abilities during the race.  Dale Jr (#88) started in second position but due to a crash was eliminated after his 5 minute “crash” pit stop because he couldn’t maintain a speed of 160 mph when he got back on the track.  I turned off the TV later to return to find that Chase Elliot (#24, Jeff Gordon’s old number) was leading the race.  Earnhardt was talking to Chase giving him tips earlier and it appeared he may even win the race.  Unfortunately, another driver “pushed” him out of the way in the last couple of laps of the race. I watched the race to its end. Oh well, there is always next week.

Now it’s Monday and it doesn’t feel like a Monday. Unfortunately I have to return to the mundane normality I call “life”. Sadly, I can’t wait for Thursday to get here, my next day off, so I can do the things I was suppose to do yesterday after the race.  I ended falling asleep early and I’ve been up since 8 a.m.  This is going to be an interesting day.


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