DR – Mar 8, 2017

Daily Recovery Readings
March 8, 2017

Daily Reflection


Every man and woman who has joined A.A. and intends to stick has, without realizing it, made a beginning on Step Three. Isn’t it true that in all matters touching upon alcohol, each of them has decided to turn his or her life over to the care, protection, and guidance of Alcoholics Anonymous? . . . Any willing newcomer feels sure A.A. is the only safe harbor for the foundering vessel he has become. Now if this is not turning one’s will and life over to a newfound Providence, then what is it?

Submission to God was the first step to my recovery. I believe our Fellowship seeks a spirituality open to a new kinship with God. As I exert myself to follow the path of the Steps, I sense a freedom that gives me the ability to think for myself. My addiction confined me without any release and hindered my ability to be released from my self-confinement, but A.A. assures me of a way to go forward. Mutual sharing, concern and caring for others is our natural gift to each other and mine is strengthened as my attitude toward God changes. I learn to submit to God’s will in my life, to have self-respect, and to keep both of these attitudes by giving away what I receive.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

“We meet frequently so that newcomers may find the fellowship they seek.”
~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Bill’s Story, pg. 15~

Keep It Simple

We lose the fear of making decisions, great and small, as we realize that should our choice prove wrong we can, if we will, learn from experience.—Bill W.

As our disease grew, we often felt like any decision we made was wrong. We felt like wrong people. We lost self-respect, because deep inside we knew that, for us alcohol and other drugs was wrong. We went against our spirit. Now we go with our spirit. We follow what we think our Higher Power want for us. Now we learn from our mistakes. Another wonderful gift has been given back to us: the gift of learning. From that gift, we stop playing God. How free it feels!

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power, You have taken away my illness and replaced it with many wonderful gifts. I thank You for everything, even my mistakes.

Action for the Day:
Today, I’ll share with a friend my mistakes of the past week.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

It’s as if someone has tinkered with the contrast settings, throwing your world into greater relief. Though comparing yourself to others isn’t the best daily practice, occasionally it can show you just how far you’ve come. A partner or friend may remind you to think about a previous version of yourself and how many proverbial miles you’ve traversed. Seeing the gaps you’ve bridged leaves you feeling inspired to keep moving toward bigger and better things, leaving outdated paradigms behind you.

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