Treating Myself

As I was driving to Hallstead, PA, for cigarettes, a thought came to my mind.  I haven’t been to the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino in quite a long time. I talk about treating myself for all the hard work that I’ve put in lately.  Why not? It’s a nice drive, the weather is good, I get free food (if my previous points haven’t expired) and it would be good to get out of the house.

Interesting thing, perhaps the Witchy side of me at work, I decided to pick up some incense with at Smokin’ Joes.  Looking through the selection, I always get sandalwood, my favorite.  But I wanted something different for a change.  I picked up 10 sandalwood, 10 jasmine and 10 patchouli.  I was curious to see the properties of the incense.  I was surprised to learn that both jasmine and patchouli have money attraction or wealth associated with them.  So before I head on my road trip, I have some burning.

I do have to caution myself.  In the past I had a gambling addiction.  In the last nine years of my sobriety, it’s popped up here and there.  But I’ve become more responsible as time grows. I limit the amount I take and leave all cards at home.  I can’t go wrong!

The car has gas, the tire pressures are good, oil checked and I’m excited to go.

It would be nice if the Gods blessed me tonight!  If They don’t, I’ll still have a good time.

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