Memorial Day 2017


As you may or may not know, I’m an amateur genealogist. Many of my family members have been service men or women in the Armed Forces during various conflicts (Vietnam War, Korean War, WWI and WWII and Civil War). Today, I want to thank those in the past and present for serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.


Today, I’ve decided to go down my own memory lane. As you know, I’ve fought my own battles with addiction. Before WordPress, I had online journal through LiveJournal. Livejournal was one of the first “blogging” sites in the old days of the Internet. Starting in 2002, I started blogging events in my life on a regular basis. However, in 2017, I ended my relationship with Livejournal transferring service WordPress. As the use of Livejournal declines, I’m afraid my entries will soon disappear. Therefore I’m taking the painful task of downloading them all, month by month.

Painful, yes, but I’m okay. Tears flow down my face as I read memories of my past. Over and over, I asked myself, “When is this all going to end?” At times, the world around me goes dark and I’m re-living some of the worst times in my life. Afterward, when I snap myself out of my memory, it is a relief the life I lived back then is truly over.

But for many addicts, they do not survive. Since the beginning of my sobriety in Dec 2007, I have had many friends who have lost their own battles with addiction, never to rise again for their own battlefields. There are others, like myself, who continue to suffer from the wounds inflicted by our addiction(s).


So today, while I honor those who gave their lives in physical battles, I also want to honor those who lost their lives to their addictions.

You, too, will not be forgotten!




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