NY Faerie Festival

During my late 20’s to early 30’s, when I was living in Southern California, I was involved in the Southern California Renaissance Faire (a.k.a. The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, as it’s called now). It was only a three-year stretch which I partook in the festivities helping a friend manage her small shop. I have always loved the Renaissance period in history, so I jumped at the opportunity. At the time, there was an expectation to be drunk for the whole weekend. I met that expectation with flying colors. However, since then I haven’t been to another festival.

After moving to New York, establishing some pagan friends, I was told there was the Sterling Rennasiance Faire. Over the years I wanted to go but either never found the time or didn’t have transportation to get there. However, over the years, my old pagan friends became distant and my new sober friends had no interest in such things.

A couple years ago I came across the NY Faerie Festival in Ouaquaga, NY, which wasn’t as much of a drive as Sterling, NY. But again, over the years, there was no interest of my new sober friends, neither did I have the time, funds or transportation. But that all changed when I got my car. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to go alone, thus year after year I didn’t.

That was until last weekend on July 2, 2017. A co-worker of mine posted an interest on Facebook. I was ecstatic! We decided to go despite the impending inclement weather. I drove up to Ithaca to her house, then we took the hour and a half ride to find it “in a hamlet of Ouaquaga, New York”. Amazingly, it was the perfect setting.


The festival was located in a small valley (for a lack of a better description) while parking was up top. The path down the hill led to the entrance, a castle gate. You were immediately greeted by magical creatures to set the atmosphere of what was to become. It was much smaller than the Rennaisance Faire, but again I was now living in a much smaller community.

But the involvement of those who visited and those participating in the Faire was amazing.


We had my friend’s two-year-old son with us.  She spent part of the previous night making a gnome costume for him. He is such a cutie!!  He wasn’t scared nor excited. He looked like he didn’t know what to do. We had him in a stroller, which he got tired of, so we got him out and let him walk around. There was mud everywhere, so when we got him back in the stroller or when I was holding him, it was inevitable we were going to get it on us. He was an adorable child to have with us. My friend is truly blessed!!


We were there for approximately an hour and a half. Again, it’s not a large festival but we did take our leisure time. A majority of the Faire, if there wasn’t an activity going on (like the presentation of the Queen above), were vendors selling their “wares”. Most everything is crafted by themselves. There were food vendors there too. I admitted I wasn’t going to purchase anything because it can be quite expensive (i.e. a large cup of lemonade was $4.00 at one vendor). But on the way back to leave my friend eyed the “jerky cart” which had an assortment of “special” jerky. So she purchased alligator, ostrich, and buffalo (I think). I didn’t ask how much she paid ‘cus honestly I didn’t want to know – lol.


So we enjoyed ourselves immensely. So did Jr. He began to get cranky in the car ride home. We stopped in Whitney Point for lunch at Wendy’s. I ordered a chocolate shake to share with Jr but they didn’t have any spoons? Really? Afterward, we went through a severe thunderstorm and downpour when we arrived back in Ithaca, NY. It was a really pleasant day with the two of them.

I hope I can enjoy more summer days with them before summer ends!

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