A day off . . .

After my move to my new home in July, I told my employer I would work six days a week, weekends and doubles if needed. It’s been a long month. The other day I was going to post a rant about work but deleted it. I’m not going to fill my only day off this week with all the negativity surrounding my job. Instead, I’m going to do what needs to be done to take care of me.

The other day at a meeting we discussed honesty and accepting consequences of our decisions. Somewhere in the last month, I admit I did a really stupid thing. I put my ex-Sponsor on my phone plan and ordered him a new phone. Despite my gut insticts, as I recognize as my HP, I made the decision to do it anyway. I wrote up an agreement with stipulations, which he reluctantly signed, to protect myself in case he decides to attempt to screw me like he’s done to other people. I’m glad I did.  During the signing of the agreement, he was about to let me know how his friend “screwed me[him] over”.  I just said, “I don’t want to hear it.” It’s done, I can’t change it.

I need to take a short trip to see my ex-Sponsor. One, he needs to pay me for this months bill. But I also need to explain to him again how this works. We have an 8GB plan, so I need him to monitor his data. According to a report, he’s used 44% of 14 GB (my carry over data). How I approach him about this is going to be tricky. I’m make do with whatever the outcome.

When I get home, I don’t have any plans. I’m just going to do things as they present themselves. I’m not sure if I’ll get involved in playing a game, reading a book, taking a nap, watching TV series (GoT or BB 19) or a movie or two. I might actually take a walk down the road ‘cus I’m curious.

Time to get this day started.

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