DR – September 13, 2017

Daily Recovery Readings for September 13, 2017:

Daily Reflection


Good judgment, a careful sense of timing, courage and prudence – these are the qualities we shall need when we take Step Nine.


To make amends can be viewed two ways: first, that of repairing damage, for if I have damaged my neighbor’s fence, I “make a mend,” and that is a direct amend; the second way is by modifying my behavior, for if my actions have harmed someone, I make a daily effort to cause no further harm. I “mend my ways,” and that is an indirect amend. Which is the best approach? The only right approach, provided that I am causing no further harm in so doing, is to do both. If harm is done, then I simply “mend my ways.” To take action in this manner assures me of making honest amends.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

We are careful never to show intolerance or hatred of drinking as an institution. Experience shows that such an attitude is not helpful to anyone. Every new alcoholic looks for this spirit among us and is immensely relieved when he finds we are not witch-burners. A spirit of intolerance might repel alcoholics whose lives could
have been saved, had it not been for such stupidity.

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Working With Others, pg. 103~

Keep It Simple

People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy.—Oliver Goldsmith

If we had to get well by ourselves, we’d be in trouble. We’ve already tried this route. We need to learn a new way to live, not the old way we already know. That’s why we have sponsors in Twelve Step programs.

Sponsors are one of the best things about our recovery. We pick people who are happy and doing well in recovery. Then we copy them. We copy them because sponsors are special people who have what we want. They have sobriety. They have happiness. They have common sense. They have peace and serenity. And they will help us get those things too. We learn a new way to live from them.

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power, help me pick good models. Help me copy what works for them.

Action for the Day:
If I don’t have a sponsor now, I’ll work today on getting one.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

You might have more on your plate today than you can easily handle. Unfortunately, your current overload is, at least, partly due to jobs you didn’t finish previously. There’s no room for you to complain or blame others; your only option is to lean into your work and give it your best effort. Author Manoj Arora wrote, “Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.”s

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