DR – September 23, 2017

Daily Recovery Readings for September 23, 2017:

Daily Reflection


He [Bill W.] said to me, gently and simply, “Do you think that you are one of us?”

— ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 413 (Third Edition)

During my drinking life I was convinced I was an exception. I thought I was beyond petty requirements and had the right to be excused. I never realized that the dark counterbalance of my attitude was the constant feeling that I did not “belong.” At first, in A.A., I identified with others only as an alcoholic. What a wonderful awakening for me it has been to realize that, if human beings were doing the best they could, then so was I! All of the pains, confusions and joys they feel are not exceptional, but part of my life, just as much as anybody’s.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

If circumstances warrant, we ask our wives or friends to join us in morning meditation. If we belong to a religious denomination which requires a definite morning devotion, we attend to that also. If not members of religious bodies, we sometimes select and memorize a few set prayers which emphasize the principles we have been discussing. There are many helpful books also.

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Into Action, pg. 87~

Keep It Simple

“. . . he who finds himself loses his misery.” ~ Matthew Arnold

We have lost a lot of misery. In it’s place inside us, a spirit grows. . . as love is added.

Especially self-love. In our illness, we came to hate ourselves. It was really our illness we hated. We couldn’t find ourselves. All we saw was what others saw—our illness.

In recovery, we’ve found ourselves again. We’ve found we’re good people. We’ve also come to love the world around us. We see we have something to offer this world—ourselves.

Why? Because we have found ourselves.

Prayer for the Day:
I’m so glad to be alive. At times life hurts, but, in living, I found You. Thank-you Higher Power. I pray that we may always be close.

Action for the Day:
I will list ten great things I’ve discovered about myself in recovery.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

You have a message to convey today, and won’t likely be swayed from your previously established agenda. The fixed Scorpio Moon is camped out in your 5th House of Love and Romance, turning even the most casual conversations into ones filled with flirtation and innuendo. Thankfully, you can consciously slow things down if an interaction heats up too quickly. Regardless of where this road takes you, be sure to express your gratitude for the diverse experiences you have along the way. Serve the world with your joy.

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