Heart is still with me . . .

Just a quick note:

Heart, my cat, is still with me today. No wheezing and her regular routine is back. Sorry if I mislead everyone to think that she may pass during the day/night. I was sure it was her last hours with me. Thank you to everyone for their prayers, blessings & my Higher Power for pulling me through yesterday.

5 thoughts on “Heart is still with me . . .

  1. I’m so glad she’s feeling better. Have you had her checked for asthma? I have 2 cats with asthma, and it’s easily controlled with drugs. If not that, maybe she got into something she shouldn’t? Some plants and household items are poisonous to cats. Have you asked your vet?

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    1. I do not have the vet for her, she’s too old. There is nothing for her in the house to get into since I have almost nothing. Someone mentioned it could be a cold or perhaps a hairball that just didn’t come up. Either way I’m just grateful she’s here for another day!

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