DR – October 10, 2017

Daily Recovery Readings for October 10, 2017:

Daily Reflection


If somebody hurts us and we are sore, we are in the wrong also.


What a freedom I felt when this passage was pointed out to me! Suddenly I saw that I could do something about my anger, I could fix me, instead of trying to fix them. I believe that there are no exceptions to the axiom. When I am angry, my anger is always self-centered. I must keep reminding myself that I am human, that I am doing the best I can, even when that best is sometimes poor. So I ask God to remove my anger and truly set me free.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

For most normal folks, drinking means conviviality, companionship, and colorful imagination.

It means release from care, boredom, and worry. It is joyous intimacy with friends and a feeling that life is good. But not so with us in those last days of heavy drinking. The old pleasures were gone. They were but memories. Never could we recapture the great moments of the past. There was an insistent yearning to enjoy life as we once did and a heartbreaking obsession that some new miracle of control would enable us to do it. There was always one more attempt— and one more failure.

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, A Vision For You, pg. 151~

Keep It Simple

The foolish and the dead never change their opinions.—James Russell Lowell

We need to stay fresh in our program. We need to be open to new ideas. We need change. The ways we work the Steps should change for us as the years go by. And as we grow, more of the fog of our denial clears away. Then we see the world and our program in different ways.

We need to allow this to happen. At times, it’s scary to give up old ways and old opinions, but this is what allows new growth. Every day, we wake up to a new world. Being alive means change. Opinions and ideas are like a strong tree: the base is strong but leaves change with the seasons.

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power, help me stay fresh and alive. Help me stay open to new ideas and attitudes. Help me to not become rigid.

Action for the Day:
Today, I’ll ask two friends to tell me how I may be rigid. I will listen to what they say.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

Explaining your feelings sounds like more trouble than it’s worth today. You’re content to pass your time hiding out under the covers, but unfortunately, the world might not let you escape so easily. You must push through your own resistance and step into the spotlight now. Luckily, auspicious Jupiter’s shift into your 5th House of Fun and Games means your party is ready to start. Unfortunately, managing your emotions is mandatory before you go out to play.

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