A Terrible Quandary

For those of us working in facilities requiring state certification, their visit can be nerve-racking. Weeks before to just 24 to 48 hours before, everyone’s in panic mode. The expectation is white glove treatment; everything said and done is put under a microscope. After their period of observation, they render a decision. Recently, in this case, the decision handed down was one of absolute surprise. The terrible quandary is for those who believe the decision is not worth its merit and what to do in their future, if anything.

The consensus of the state of those residing in nursing homes is not a popular one. As the “baby boomers” generation begins to fill nursing facilities, one can draw a parallel conclusion as those in incarceration; there are not enough facilities to assist those needing that level of care. In addition, those filling important roles to care for this population continues to dwindle, as states tighten restrictions and requirements for those who want to enter the field. Therefore, like most medical facilities, people are overworked, underpaid and not appreciated for the tireless work they put in because no one else will do the job.

Now, throw in a decision from the state in which they believe deserves the highest honor in the field with no deficiencies – a perfect score. From their point of view, they believe the facility has either met or exceeded their expectations. They have found nothing needing any action to be taken by the facility. Is that even possible? It just can not be.

All facilities have their dark secrets. One would think state inspectors, knowing this, would make a point in trying to uncover and require immediate action during their visit. In this case, it just didn’t happen. Now there is congratulatory applause from all corners of “a job well done”. This is sickening.

There are a few who won’t turn a blind eye to the truth. They have to make a decision. One can continue to work under such falsehoods which would leave the question, “How are you any better than the rest of them?” Or one can stand tall to their beliefs knowing the path ahead of them is going to be a very bumpy ride which they might not recover. It’s not going to be an easy one, that is for sure.

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