Winter Storm Hunter

For those of us in the Northeast of the U.S., we’re still recovering from Winter Storm Hunter. Friday we saw temperatures climb above 60°F. Later in the evening rain began to fall. An extreme cold front moved in with several inches of sleet covering the cars with ice. By the middle of the night snow started to fall and high winds began throwing it everywhere. For me, I ended up covering two, 16 hour shifts at work. Afterward, I had to put my foot down.

I openly admit a defect of character I struggle with is people pleasing. For some reason I jump at the change to “help” either a friend, co-woker or employer without thinking of myself. It’s an automatic response. Afterward, I run the Drug Free commercial in my head, “Just Say No” regretting my decision. Every time!

The employer asked me to work 3pm to 7am on Friday night. Trust me, the didn’t have a clue about the incoming weather in the next 24 hours. They just needed a body. I had just had two days off. One double shift isn’t going to hurt and who can’t use the extra cash?

As I report to the floor, my co-workers are discussing an impending meeting. I didn’t have a clue since I had the last two days off. My blood pressure begins to boil. One, you have to give notice to employees in advance.  Two, you can’t just have an adhoc meeting in a nursing home – period. Three, you have much bigger issues than trying to implement some policies and procedures.  ** head to desk ** Reminder to self, “No my circus, not my monkeys” – Old Polish Proverb .

The night goes on. The residents care is all done, they were all sleeping. Outside the sleet has began. I wish my co-worker on 2nd shift a safe ride home. I get ready for 3rd shift duties. During my breaks the weather changed from sleet – a couple inches, to wind blown snow. Just lovely, I guess  I know where I”m camping out tonight (in the morning).

Come morning, outside was a mess. A few inches of snow with sleet, now ice, just sitting in the parking lot. I could literally skate to a small cottage where I smoke at night. There wasn’t going to a chance in hell I was going even attempt getting home in this mess.

In the cottage there is a resident bed. I used the same bed last year when I was in the same situation during another storm. Since we had staffing issues and the storm just created more staffing issues, I volunteered to sleep in the cottage and do another double Saturday into Sunday.

I told the supervisor of the floor, “I will not be in tonight (Sunday).” She agreed crossing me off the schedule. After a couple hours of sleep, I’m happy to be home in my nice warm house.

It was a rough for the last two days!


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