[The] Courage to Change the Things I Can….

For many months I struggled working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I knew coming in full well what to expect. There haven’t been many surprises. However, there are many things I simply can’t ignore. I’m required to take action. But when those who can do something about it do nothing, well I can still do something. It’s a difficult decision when you have a passion for what you do but there Serenity Prayer reminds me to have the, “courage to change the things I can.”

As the number of the elderly grows beyond those who seek training to help and assist them, those of us who do work in this field are under extreme stress. The expectations put upon us are, at times, insurmountable. So we are told, “Do the best you can do with the resources you have.” Simply, for me, that is not good enough.

Though I may be young in the field, with just over a year under my belt, I believe for my own serenity it is best I seek other employment opportunities. While I’ve been told things will not change wherever I go, perhaps I’ll find the serenity I seek somewhere else. However, there is a chance I may not.

I need to have faith and take that chance.



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