Making Hard Decisions

Just got home from my third 16-hour shift in a week. Typically I do four 12-hour shifts a week. However, due to the shortage of staff, call offs and people who quit, I’ve been “mandated” by management to stay. Enough was enough. When you jeopardize my health and the safety of those I care for, I have to make a hard decision. I turned in my letter of resignation effective immediately.

Honestly, I want to cheer, cry, throw my first threw a wall, yell until I have no voice but I have no energy to do any of it. I hardly have the energy to write this.

I have threatened to quit a 1000 times over for various reasons. I never put my foot down because my clients came first. This time I did surprising not only myself but I’m sure I surprised the hell out of a lot of other people too.

I’m going to take a couple of days off to recover. I need to get back into a regular sleeping pattern, eat better and basically get my life in order. Then I’ll be out looking for another job.

Another chaper in my life has closed. It’s my hope other opportunities open!

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