Taking it One Day At A Time

My new sobriety date is February 18, 2018.

This is Round 2, the first few days of my new sobriety. The last couple of days have been difficult for me. I am going through withdrawal, physical withdrawal but there is no “want” or “need” to drink. I hadn’t slept or eat anything in the last two days, now just getting myself off the damn bed. Unfortunately, there are a series of events, besides my sobriety I must tackle together.

I am scrared as my blood pressure is now spiked to a 163/88 with a pulse of 66 to a last reading of 160/103 with a pulse of 83 at 4:30 this morning. There is a realization at any moment I could have a stroke/heart attack. I had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) in May 2011, so I’ve been on high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication since then. Unfortunately, I waited to long to establish a primary care here where I live, missed my appointment yesterday sleeping and haven’t had them in more than a week which could contribute to my current condition. Luckily I have a friend staying with me but he’s going through his own “shit” right now which also has involved me.

I go to my new job tomorrow for two hours for orientation. Supposedly I’ll work Thursday and Friday during the day, then have the weekend off, I believe but could be wrong. I may request the weekend off, I may work it depending on my condition. I’m looking forward to the new environment but am skeptic it’s really going to make a difference. I won’t know until I start work on Thursday.

In the meantime, I’m getting out today. I have to take a road trip with my friend to his parent’s house. It’s long drive but will be good, perhaps for the both of us. We both need the fresh air and not isolate ourselves here.

I’m taking it “One Day at a Time”.

7 thoughts on “Taking it One Day At A Time

    1. I am going to urgent care today after orientation at my new job. Yesterday unfortunate events popped up preventing me from getting home in time to go there. I think the worse of it was yesterday, as this morning my blood pressure has dropped considerably (20 points), I slept 10+ hrs straight and I ate something small last night. However, I still need my blood pressure medications and a follow-up appointment.

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  1. We have a tendency, as noobs, to make exceptionally poor choices in our haze. I can think of two, maybe three right off the top of my head for you… I had a sponsor that I bounced all of my decisions off – especially when I was new. It’d be a good thing for you.

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    1. I don’t have a Sponsor right now, but I’ll be looking for one shortly. With the new job I have to get organized with the schedule, I will be going to AA meetings on a consistent basis perhaps starting next week. I just don’t know when and what I’m working yet.

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      1. Just remember, bud, without recovery none of that other crap matters. The job, the apartment or home, the wife and kids… without recovery none of that stuff is possible. I know your apprehension, just stick with it.

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      2. Honestly, there is no apprehension. After reading a couple posts from you and others I’m going to make a post of what I’m thinking. Personally, you may not like it but I hope you stick around to see the outcome. If not, I understand. I agree with you 100%.


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