Father Winter Just Go To Sleep Already

Wasn’t it back on February 2, 2018, Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (and some sources saying seven other groundhogs) saw their shadow, thus six more weeks of Winter would be falling upon us?  Well, six weeks is longer over due.  Yet, Father Winter continues to spread that white, fluffy stuff consistently on the ground. Can’t Father Winter just go to sleep already?

Looking outside my window, it’s snowing pretty good.  Some reports say only one to three inches, others say more.  It makes road conditions not favorable for me.  It’s not an excuse when I drive my car up and down, right and left, through sharp turns wondering if I’m going to get home or get to work for that matter.

I’ve been reading a lot of recovery material in the last couple of days. Is there something I could have done differently to prevent what happened a couple weeks ago?  Yes and no.  First, I didn’t have to drink at all.  There was no reason. But I choose to act upon my stupidity and now I must accept the consequences of those decisions.  Second, I could have called my ex-Sponsor despite our difference of opinions and my own thoughts of his own actions. We all have flaws and I need to simply put my differences to the side and allow him to give me the messages I need to stay sober.  Three, despite the weather, I could have dragged my arse to a meeting despite the current weather situation.

But my past actions are neither here nor there.  What’s done is done.  I need only to look forward for right now.  I don’t have regrets; I feel disappointmt with myself. It comes and go in waves. The more days I have sober, the less I step backwards and the more I move forward.

Things will fall in place at the right time when they are suppose to . . .

One thought on “Father Winter Just Go To Sleep Already

  1. First, it’s an honest program. Second, if I can make it to a store to buy booze, I can can make it to a meeting. Finally, I’ve talked to a lot of people with substantial time in, after they relapsed. Every one of them, their relapse started weeks, if not months, earlier. Give yours another honest look and see if anything sticks out.


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