Spring is Here; Change is in the Air

Last weeks events were discouraging.  One thing after another after another, my life was taking a spiral dive down to dark places. I know the road ahead of me is going to be rough.  However, this morning when I woke up I felt refreshed, alive again. Spring is finally here; change is in the air.

March 26 2018 – A picture outside in the backyard. The last remnants of Winter are slowing melting away. With the temperatures starting to climb I need to enjoy the scenery of Spring.

I strongly believe in astrological influences, hence the horoscope at the end of the Daily Reading each day. Mercury went retrograde on March 23 and won’t go direct until April 15, 2018. The Farmer’s Almanac has a very good basic interpretation.  Everything is in disarray in my life, so I just need to buckle up and hold on tight.

But now that Spring is here, it is also a time for change and it gives me hope. I know my current situation is only temporary. Therefore, instead of “sitting on a pity pot”, I need to open my eyes to help influence needed change in my own life. I’m actually doing right now.

There isn’t anything I can do, for now, about my finances or getting my car fixed. On the other hand, I have been neglecting my health.  For instance, a couple times last week my blood pressure was over 170/100.  I’ve already experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or “mini-stroke” in May 2011. This isn’t something I can ignore.

I stepped on the scale this morning curious to see my current weight.  I’ve been struggling in the last couple of months with a weight of 180 pounds.  Again, insignificant to many, but to me I know its all “bad” fat. The only activity I do all day is 10,000 steps or more at work. I don’t really exercise as I should. I have always said I’m going to get into a exercise routine to build muscle and I don’t. That is changing right now. Just something small, perhaps a couple push ups and a couple sets of weight training. Just like my recovery, I have to start somewhere and small at first. I don’t want to over do it.

With that in mind, I’m also going to physically get outside more.  All Winter I’ve basically been cooped up in this bedroom.  Now its time to get out, breath the fresh air and enjoy what Spring has to offer.  I’m going to start with just taking a walk to and from the gas station. Afterward, I might talk a walk the other direction. In the nine months I have lived here, I have never gone down the other side of my street. Change is good; change can be an adventure!

Some of you may ask, “What about meetings?” As mentioned, my car is in extreme disrepair right now.  The other night while coming home I was almost involved in a wreck. While I take precautions to ensure I have a couple car lengths ahead of me, a truck made a complete stop in front of me for a deer. My brakes didn’t hold, I slid to the left, almost in the ditch and into oncoming traffic. If it wasn’t 11:30 pm at night, I might have been involved in a head-on collision. Physical meetings will have to wait.  However, someone suggested to investigate online meetings, so I’m going to do that now.

Lastly, there is my Higher Power. I don’t talk about my beliefs here because to me its a personal relationship. However, I am taking steps to renew my connection and strengthen my bond with my Higher Power. I’m doing something I haven’t done in a long time, making the time to sit, speak and listen with my Higher Power.

I look forward to these changes in my life. Now let’s get started . . .


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