I’m Back . . .

Hello everyone,

Its been  quite a while since I’ve written here because I was in the midst of a relapse since February 2018.  As you can imagine I went downhill very fast losing everything I own.  But today I have risen from the ashes.

My new sobriety date is Sept 14, 2018.  I spent 34 days at an inpatient rehab, Dick Van Dyke ATC (Addiction Treatment Center), in Ovid, NY.  On Oct 16, 2018, I moved to a new town to live in a supportive living program in Oneida, NY. Thus my new life begins.

I’m planning on attending 90 meetings in 90 days.  So far I am two meetings in two days.  Its a small recovery community here.  I see most of the guys from the halfway house (Maxwell House) and those that live with me in supportive living.  Im still trying to get everyone’s name right – LOL.

Just a quick note.  There is a noon meeting I would like to attend today.  I’ll write more later.


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