DR – October 29, 2018

Daily Recovery Readings
October 29, 2018

Daily Reflection


Since recovery from alcoholism is life itself to us, it is imperative that we preserve in full strength our means of survival.


The honesty expressed by the members of A.A. in meetings has the power to open my mind. Nothing can block the flow of energy that honesty carries with it. The only obstacle to this flow of energy is inebriation, but even then, no one will find a closed door if he or she has left and chooses to return. Once he or she has received the gift of sobriety, each A.A. member is challenged on a daily basis to accept a program of honesty.

My Higher Power created me for a purpose in life. I ask Him to accept my honest efforts to continue on my journey in the spiritual way of life. I call on Him for strength to know and seek His will.

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

“Let families realize, as they start their journey, that all will not be fair weather. Each in his turn may be footsore and may straggle. There will be alluring shortcuts and by-paths down which they may wander and lose their way.”

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, The Family Afterward, pg. 122~

Keep It Simple

Each morning puts a man on trail and each evening passes judgment. ~Ray L. Smith

In many ways, the Tenth Step is very natural. We continue to take a personal inventory.
And when we’re wrong, we promptly admit it.

At the end of each day we ask ourselves, “How did my day go?” As we think about our day, we bring order to our life. The Tenth Step teaches us about order. It also teaches us how to correct mistakes. We do this by admitting our wrongs. This way, we have no backlog of guilt. It’s good to start each day fresh, free from quilt. Admitting our wrongs is a loving thing to do. It’s another way the program teaches us to love ourselves.

Prayer for the Day:
Today, I’ll face many choices. Higher Power, be with me as I choose. When the day is done, remind me to think about how I lived today. This will help me learn.

Action for the Day:
Tonight, I’ll list three choices I made today. Would I make the same choices again?

Today’s Gift – Hazelden

Love “bears all things” and “endures all things.” These words say all there is to be said;
nothing can be added to them. For we are in the deepest sense the victims and the
instruments of cosmogonic “love.”
–Carl Jung

Those of us who’ve fallen in love can never forget the tender adoration of and the seeming perfection of our beloved, nor the complete abandon we felt. Later, when familiarity cleared our vision, we began trying to control the relationship and, of course, our beloved.

To bind them to our will, we wrap our loved ones in ribbons of care and concern. Or, if we are the least bit insecure, we become restrictive and possessive. Yet, as we experience the love of those who are helping us find our way – in recovery and, through them, to the love of God – we come to understand that love must be free. God’s love does not insist on fidelity, good taste, or common sense. Why then should we demand more of those we love?

No person is my private possession, no behavior the price of my love.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

Your heartstrings are super sensitized today. In fact, if you visit an animal shelter, you’re likely to come home with two or three new fur babies. While your response might not be that extreme, your sensitivity level is set for hair-trigger reaction. Empathy for the helpless or the underdog unleashes a flood of powerful feelings. Try not to make any serious decisions while you’re swept up in this kind of emotional deluge. Nevertheless, when it comes to playtime, just let the joy and laughter overflow.

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