DR – November 4, 2018

Daily Recovery Readings
November 4, 2018

Daily Reflection


, . . when they [self-examination, meditation and prayer] are logically related and interwoven, the result is an unshakable foundation for life.


The last three Steps of the program invoke God’s loving discipline upon my willful nature. If I devote just a few moments every night to a review of the highlights of my day, along with an acknowledgment of those aspects that didn’t please me so much, I gain a personal history of myself, one that is essential to my growth, or lack of it, and to ask in prayerful meditation to be relieved of those continuing shortcomings that cause me pain. Meditation and prayer also teach me the art of focusing and listening. I find that the turmoil of the day gets tuned out as I pray for His will and guidance. The practice of asking Him to help me in my strivings for perfection puts a new slant on the tedium of any day, because I know there is honor in any job done well. The daily discipline of prayer and meditation will keep me in fit spiritual condition, able to face whatever the day brings – without the thought of a

From the book Daily Reflections
Copyright © 1990 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Big Book Quote

“Faith without works was dead, he said. And how appallingly true for the alcoholic! For if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain trials and low spots ahead. If he did not work, he would surely drink again, and if he drank, he would surely die. Then faith would be dead indeed. With us it is just like that.”

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Bill’s Story, pg. 14~

Keep It Simple

Each day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the ribbons. ~Ruth Ann Schabacker

How full life can be! We can untie the ribbons on this gift by keeping our spirits open.

Open to life. Open to how much our Higher Power love us.

Who knows what the gifts the day may bring? Maybe it brings a solution to a problem.

Prayer for the Day:
Higher Power, remind me to pray to You often. Remind me to stop and listen to You. Remind me that You love me very much.

Action for the Day:
At the end of the day, I’ll take time to list the gifts I’ve been given today. This will be first on my list: I am sober.

Each Day A New Beginning

Beginnings are apt to be shadowy. –Rachel Carson

When we embark on a new career, open an unfamiliar door, begin a loving relationship, we can seldom see nor can we even anticipate where the experience may take us. At best we can see only what this day brings. We can trust with certainty that we will be safely led through the “shadows.”

To make gains in this life we must venture forth to new places, contact new people, chance new experiences. Even though we may be fearful of the new, we must go forward. It’s comforting to remember that we never take any step alone. It is our destiny to experience many new beginnings. And a dimension of the growth process is to develop trust that each of these experiences will in time comfort us and offer us the knowledge our inner self awaits. Without the new beginnings we are unable to fulfill the purpose for which we’ve been created.

No new beginning is more than we can handle. Every new beginning is needed by our developing selves, and we are ready for whatever comes.

I will look to my new beginnings gladly. They are special to the growth I am now ready for.

Today’s Gift – Hazelden

When we are feeling unloved and depressed and empty inside, finding someone to give us love is not really the solution.  –Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

Each of us wants to be significant to someone else. And we are – we’re significant to all the lives we’re touching at this very moment.

The emptiness we sometimes feel is a good reminder that the women and men in our lives need our attention. Too much self-focus fosters our feelings of loneliness, and then with desperation we look to others to fill us up. The paradox is that we heal ourselves while offering our attention to another who is, by design, on our path.

It is not by chance our lives are intertwined. Loving someone today will heal two wounds, ours and theirs.

Elder’s Meditation

Not received today 😦

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

Your bleak assessment of thorny issues with family or with someone dear to you might be gloomier than the truth now. You may be emotionally unsettled while the sweet Libra Moon squares stern Saturn in your 7th House of Partners. Perhaps you’re so anxious about pleasing another or avoiding conflict altogether that you’re not acting to address your concerns. Talk sensitively and respectfully about what’s on your mind. Tact and diplomacy are the tools of your trade.

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