Getting A Sponsor

We, in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, offer suggestions to newcomers such as go to meetings, get a Sponsor and get involved in service work, specifically getting a home group. It was only when I immerse myself in sober activities did I gain the knowledge from others which kept me sober for so long. However, at only 55 days sober, I need to practice what I preached in the past and do those activities I suggested to others.

When I originally got sober in 2007, I spent seven months in the rooms before gaining enough courage to ask someone to be my Sponsor. I urged people NOT to do what I did since it was only by the grace of my Higher Power I didn’t relapse.

In this very small recovery community there is quite a lot of long tern sobriety. At every meeting, there was always one person I gained the most knowledge when he spoke. Therefore, this time around, I didn’t hesitate to ask him to be my Sponsor.

We spoke a good amount of time last night. He is aware of my long term sobriety and the reason for my relapse. He just wanted to get a since of where I was at today. I explained to him I am more than willing to do anything he feels is necessary in the future. We agreed at some point in the near future we would take a look at the steps. Perhaps reviewing some while doing others from scratch.

After talking to him, I felt a since of relief I can cross off one of my sobriety goals: getting a Sponsor. Today the rain is beginning to increase so besides two AA meetings (the ‘nooner’ and another tonight), I thought I would spend some time on my spirituality quietly at the library.

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