DR – November 19, 2018

Daily Recovery Readings
November 19, 2018

Daily Reflection


We A.A.’s are active folk, enjoying the satisfactions
of dealing with the realities of life, . . . . So it
isn’t surprising that we often tend to slight serious
meditation and prayer as something not really necessary.


I had been slipping away from the program for some time,
but it took a death threat from a terminal disease to
bring me back, and particularly to the practice of the
Eleventh Step of our blessed Fellowship. Although I had
fifteen years of sobriety and was still very active in
the program, I knew that the quality of my sobriety had
slipped badly. Eighteen months later, a checkup revealed
a malignant tumor and a prognosis of certain death
within six months. Despair settled in when I enrolled in
a rehab program, after which I suffered two small strokes
which revealed two large brain tumors. As I kept hitting
new bottoms I had to ask myself why this was happening to
me. God allowed me to recognize my dishonesty and to
become teachable again. Miracles began to happen. But
primarily I relearned the whole meaning of the Eleventh
Step. My physical condition has improved dramatically, but
my illness is minor compared to what I almost lost

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

A.A. Thought For The Day

In A.A. we do not speak much of sex. And yet putting sex
in its proper place in our lives is one of the rewards that
has come to us as a result of our new way of living. The big
book says that many of us needed an overhauling there. It
also says that we subjected each sex relation to this test
— was it selfish or not? “We remembered always that our sex
powers were God-given and therefore good, neither to be used
lightly or selfishly, nor to be despised or loathed.” We can
ask God to mold our ideals and to help us to live up to them.
We can act accordingly. Have I got my sex life under proper

Meditation For The Day

“I will lift up my eyes unto the heights whence cometh my
help.” Try to raise your thoughts from the depths of the
sordid and mean and impure things of the earth to the heights
of goodness and decency and beauty. Train your insight by
trying to take the higher view. Train it more and more until
distant heights become more familiar. The heights of the Lord,
whence cometh your help, will become nearer and dearer and
the false values of the earth will seem farther away.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may not keep my eyes forever downcast.
I pray that I may set my sights on higher things.

Keep It Simple

What we don’t live, we cannot teach others.—Day By Day

Remember – we don’t carry the message to others until we get to Step
Twelve. We must first learn to live in a sober way. Sobriety takes time.
We have to stop using alcohol and other drugs, but this is only the start.
Just as it takes time to build a home, it takes time to build a new way of
life. We talk with friends and sponsors about the Steps. We try using them in out lives.

Then we talk about how the Steps work for us. We talk about where we get stuck with the Steps.

All this takes time. We aren’t in a hurry. We have a lifetime ahead of us.

Remember-the better we live our program, the better we help others.

Prayer for the day:
Higher Power, You’ll let me know when I’m to carry the message. Until then, be with me as I build a new way of life, a spiritual way of life.

Action for the day:
I’ll take time to think over where I’m with my program. I’ll talk about it with a friend.

Each Day A New Beginning

Do not compare yourself with others, for you are a unique and wonderful creation. Make your own beautiful footprints in the snow. –Barbara Kimball

Comparisons we make of ourselves to other women do destruction far greater than our conscious minds are aware of. Positioning ourselves or her on the “beloved pedestal” prevents the equality of sisterhood that offers each woman the freedom to be solely herself.

Comparisons in which we are the losers darken the moment, cut us off from the actual rhythms of that moment. The consequences can be grave. Within any moment might be the opportunity we’ve awaited, the opportunity to achieve a particular dream. We must not miss our opportunities.

Each life is symbolized by a particular set of footprints in the snow. How wonderful and how freeing to know that we each offer something uniquely our own. We need never compete to be noticed. Each of us is guaranteed recognition for what we contribute, because it is offered by us alone.

Envy eats at us; it interferes with all of our interactions. It possesses all of our thoughts, caging us, denying us the freedom to achieve that can be ours.
I will look with love on my sisters. I will free them and myself to be all we are capable of becoming.

Elder’s Meditation

Where there is vision, the people live. They are made rich in
the things of the spirit; and then, as the logical next step, they
are rich in human life.

— Phil Lane, Sr., YANKTON SIOUX

Since the beginning of time, Indian people have been blessed with the ability and
knowledge of the vision. The vision determines our future. The concept is, we move
toward and become that which we think about. We have known that all visions are
about the Great Spirit. They should include God’s will in every area of our lives. We
should have visions about our people, about healthy relationships, about helping others,
about being happy, about being educated. Each day we should renew our vision. We
should ask the Creator to give us a vision of what He wants us to be and where He
wants us to go in our lives. We should be the seekers of vision.
Great Spirit, give me a vision to follow today. Let me do Your will.

Daily Horoscope – Cancer

Others might feel like they must tread on eggshells around you now. However, it’s not because they’re afraid of your reaction or don’t like you. Perhaps it’s hard for them to find an entry point into a conversation about a delicate subject, especially if they think you are overly sensitive. Naturally, no one wants to intentionally upset you. The good news is you can improve the dynamics when you’re around people you like by softening your defenses and reaching out to them. A minor adjustment to your behavior could be enough to loosen any unwarranted tension. Perception is reality.

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