The Simplicity of Happiness

I’ve heard of this author and book before. A local community recovery group uses it with their clients. It’s just another perspective; it’s an interesting way to look at things.


Today I want to focus on the teachings provided by a fantastic book that I read last summer, called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘ by Mark Mason. The main premise of the book focuses on the pursuit of having a good life, on finding inner happiness and debunking all the bullsh*t around it.

Technology, innovation, and progress itself have provided numerous possibilities and endless opportunities for humans to manage their life in their own way. Social media and broadcasting platforms have demolished all walls that separated individual perspectives. Nowadays, everyone is fully aware of the diversity among society. We have such a connected world that any individual is able to witness what is like to live as the great 1% in the world. From fast cars, holidays at a fancy hotel, money, to perfectly sculpted bodies and crazy parties; those are always constant reminders, mostly…

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